Diamond's Friends Pet Rescue Owner Surrender Questionnaire
If you need to surrender your pet, please fill out this form in full and send at least 2 images of your pet to info@diamondsfriends.org.

Completing this form is not a guarantee we will be able to take your pet. Our ability to take your pet will depend on if we have a foster home able to care for your pet. Please allow us up to 48 hours to respond.

Please note that if you live outside of Orange County and we are able to take your pet, we will need you to transport your pet to the Newport Beach area. Since we are a small, volunteer-run organization, we are unable to coordinate transports outside of our immediate area.
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By checking "I Accept" below, you acknowledge that Diamond's Friends is a pet rescue organization and that ability to take in owner surrendered animals depends on the availability of foster homes and that completing this form does not guarantee Diamond's Friends will be able to take your pet. *
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