2019 GEMSEC Abalone Science Summer Camp
When: July 10-13, 2019
Location: Materials Science & Engineering Building, 2110 NE Mason Road, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 98195
Times: 9 AM - 5 PM
Details: www.abalonecamp.com

Genetically Engineered Materials Science & Engineering Center (GEMSEC) will be hosting a 4-day enrichment program focusing on Molecular Biomimetics, Computational Modeling, and Artificial Intelligence, as an outreach program under the Materials Genome Initiative.

Selected applicants will work alongside other students, under the mentorship of UW PhD students in GEMSEC for a number of interesting projects. The camp features a keynote lecture by Professor Mehmet Sarikaya (GEMSEC Director) and other prominent faculty at the University who work in the fields of molecular biology, physics, materials science, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

More information can be found at the links below:
GEMSEC: www.uwgemsec.com
Materials Genome Initiative: www.mgi.gov
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