SDG 6 Data Portal - Testing
Dear Colleague,

As a representative of the target audience of the SDG 6 Data Portal, we now cordially invite you to test the almost final portal, before its launch later this year. The purpose of the testing is to make sure that the portal correctly and comprehensively presents the latest data on SDG 6 global indicators, and to identify and eliminate any technical hiccups/bugs or data issues.

The test consists of some very specific questions, where we give you a series of tasks to test different functions of the portal (with minimum guidance in order to check how intuitive and user-friendly the function is), as well as more open-ended questions where we are looking for your advice.

The test is structured based on the different pages of the portal (e.g. Snapshots page, Maps page, Charts page). After you have filled in the below information about yourself and the testing situation, you will be taken to a test content page, where you can select which pages of the portal you want to test. Most pages takes about 5-10 minutes to test. On the test content page, you can also end testing and submit your form at any point in time. Should you want to continue testing the portal at another point in time, you can do so by starting and submitting a new form.

In case you identify any specific hiccups/bugs and/or data issues that are easier to explain in an email (e.g. with screen caps), we would be happy to receive those at

Please keep in mind the following:
- All the SDG 6 global indicator data in the portal are coming from the official SDG reporting by countries through the custodian agencies (you can learn more about this in the portal under
- We have not yet updated the portal with the latest data reported on in 2019.
- The portal is still in its testing phase, and thus there may still be issues with the data - the custodian agencies are doing their final check at the same time as you are testing the portal, and we also appreciate your help in identifying any issues with the data.

Although we may not be able to incorporate all the feedback received before the launch of the portal, we will certainly keep all feedback received to guide the ongoing improvement and development of the portal.

We look forward to receiving your feedback, and should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Data Portal Working Group on behalf of the Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG 6
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