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Use this form to give us more details about the fruit you have available for harvest. Note that we pick fruit in and around Nelson, from around Blewett and out to Balfour. If you are not within our range, we can connect you with fruit gleaning organizations in other locations. Our group picks will be happening on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings from August to October, so you can expect volunteers will be coming at one of those times, unless something else needs to happen. Please note that many of our volunteers have limited capacities, and our ladders can only reach so high, so we generally only pick fruit that is "smaller than your house." We also cannot accept fruit that is wormy, over-ripe or windfall.
Thank you for supporting the Nelson Food Cupboard!
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We share the harvest 3 ways with our volunteers, our Good Food Bank and the tree-owners. How would you like your share to be given to you?
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