2022-23 LSLC Parent Election Ballot
DATE:   September 22,  2022

TO: Mayall Parents and Guardians

FROM: Local School Leadership Council Election Committee

RE: Election for Local School Leadership Council for Parent

The Local School Leadership Council is made up of the principal, the Union Chapter Chair, 2 representatives from the certificated staff, 1 representative from the classified staff, and 1parent.

Following Mayall parents have self-nominated for the position. Please vote for one candidate and submit your ballot by Wednesday, 9/28/22.

We appreciate both candidates for their interest and willingness to be involved in Local School Leadership Council.

Thank you.
Nominee: Morgan Gomez
Hi Mayall Family, my name is Morgan Gomez, I have been a parent and actively volunteering at Mayall for the past 8 years. My youngest son is now in 5th grade, so I'm very sad this is our last year. Not only have my children, but I too, have built great friendships over the past 8 years. In addition to volunteering in and outside the classrooms over the years, I was also on our LSLC team last year. I feel with my background in children's psychology and I come from a family of educators; I have a good understanding for the the collaboration that is needed to help our school thrive and keep engagement of both staff, parents and students. I would be honored to help support our Mayall family as their parent on the LSLC team for another year.
Nominee: Carlos Amador
My name is Carlos Amador. I am Viviana Amador's dad (Mrs. Marne's third grade student). During the past three years of being at Mayall, I have been exposed to the activities, developments, and needs of the school. From having to quickly pivot from in-person school to online learning during my daughter's kindergarten year when she was in Mrs. Kollar's class, to attending the first back to school night in-person this year and learning what the needs are in the classroom. Last year, I was able to step up and support the second grade field trips as a chaperone. This year, I have already taken the volunteer training to support the school in even more ways.

I have a long history of engaging in community projects. For example, for the past 4 years I have served as a board member of the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council. That is the Neighborhood Council that covers Mayall School. I also serve on the boards for several non-profit organizations in Southern California.

My experience on the neighborhood council board as well as the boards for non-profits has given me a unique experience on budget development, strategic planning, community input gathering processes, and personnel issues. I believe that these experiences, coupled with three years of being part of the Mayall community, make me the best candidate to serve on this leadership council.

If elected to the leadership council, I can help think about local resources that we can tap into in order to support school projects and activities. For example, as a school, we can request Neighborhood Purpose Grants from the neighborhood council to support specific school projects.

I hope to be able to serve the local school in more meaningful ways.

Thank you.
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