Volunteer Staff Position Information and Application - Year Round Food Crew Team Member

Thank you for your interest in applying for the position of GRCB Year Round Food Crew Team Member!

Virginia Wolfe said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” We would add that one cannot rock well either.

At GRCB we take feeding our volunteers and participants seriously. We would not exist without the power of our volunteers, and we are eternally grateful for their hard work and dedication. We show our appreciation by providing them incredible meals, snacks and drinks every day of our sessions. We also provide healthy and fun snacks to our girls every day.

We are seeking a group of people to maintain our goal of receiving 100% donated meals for our summer and winter programs. This team will help expand our reach while continuing to foster our existing community donors and ensure that our volunteers are well fed, caffeinated and hydrated all week long!

The position includes, but is not limited to:
• Working closely with current Food Donation Coordinator to understand systems and existing partnerships
• Coordinating Food Donations for GRCB Summer Sessions and LRC Winter/Spring Sessions
- GRCB Sessions require: Lunch / Snacks / Drinks
- LRC Sessions require: Lunch / Snacks / Drinks / Dinner
- Identifying and contacting potential food donors
- Communicating with food donors leading up to Sessions
- Communicating with Executive Director and Program Director to ensure correct volunteer/camper numbers and all dietary
needs are met
- Managing a food donation team to solicit donations
• Developing relationships with new local restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and other food establishments while sustaining our current relationships
• Working with Director of Community Engagement to coordinate volunteer party

In the months leading up to each session, it is your responsibility to manage your time in order to achieve the goals set before you. You will be coordinating donations for up to 80 people per meal, for about 6 meals per session and appropriate amounts of snacks and drinks. You MUST be comfortable and confident with phone and email communication.

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