Dandelion Spring Meat Pre-Order Form
These animals were on pasture and fed extra milk and produce from the farm through out the summer. To say they received a little extra care is an understatement. We loved our critters, but respecting the full circle of raising food, we now think they taste pretty good, too! All of our meat is Certified Organic except our Lamb and Mutton (which grow up on an island in Penobscot bay).
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You must order prior to noon the day before your pick-up. (this deadline is later than for the vegetables, because we don't have a harvest window to respect).
Certified Organic heritage breed Pork!
Our pigs are raised in a big outdoor yard in batches of 15-20. The girls and boys are fed approximately 10 gallons of milk a day and have free access to Certified Organic grain. They also eat a hog's heaven worth of extra veggies from the garden. Our butchering and smoking was done at Herring Brothers in Guilford. Organic spices and pure Maine maple syrup in our batches. All meat is NITRATE FREE.
1# packages, not linked, $10/lb unless noted
Sausage - Linked!
two different options below
All of our bacons are smoked and nitrate free. They are not cured (meaning they are not shelf stable and should be refrigerated or frozen) All are sliced.
Traditional smoked. $14/lb
Jowl Bacon
From the hog cheek. Some people believe the flavor is superior to belly bacon. $11/lb
Cottage Bacon
From the shoulder. Lean. Delicious. $11/lb
Bacon Ends
smoked. great with beans, collards, or breakfast! $10/lb
Stew Pork and Kabob Meat
$9/lb. generally 1# packages.
Ribs - St. Louis style.
$9/lb, around 2# packages - Pretend it's summer and order up!
Country Style Ribs
Very well marbled meats, they are from the head end of the loin. Delicious - incredibly tender and flavorful as a slow cook. roughly 1.2# packages, $9/lb
Pork Chops
Bone-in, 2 per pack, average 1.2 - 1.6lbs ($10 / lb)
Boneless Pork Chops
2 per pack, $11 / lb, avg. 1# or less per package
Smoked Pork Chops
2 per pack, average around 1 lb ($11/ lb)
Tenderloin, pork
$14/lb Avg. 1 lb.
Roasts and Hams
quick and easy lunch or dinner.
the perfect crock pot, root vegetable, accompaniment
Pork and Beef combined
$15 lb, linked
extra Pig in the Kitchen
all $3/lb unless noted
Certified Organic. Lean. Flavorful.
Beef Bone Broth
16 oz container, $6.50
Ground Beef
farmer choice! assorted, $14/lb enjoy the gamble, and perhaps learn about a new cut!
Flap Steaks
a speciality cut that chefs sometimes pick out for their charcuterie programs. $10/lb
Beef Roasts
chuck roasts. approx. 4 lbs, each, $9/lb. we put them in the crock pot, simply dressed with s. & p. and dried herbs, or topped with a random jar of.... that has been lingering in the fridge. a great use for that 1/2 jar of jam, lingering salad dressing, or too much mustard....
beef old fashioned favorites
meaty soup bones
$5/lb - this round was cut big! avg. 2# or more
Unusual to the norm, I find our mutton more mild than our lamb.
Mutton stew
One lb. packages, $12/lb
Mutton chops
Two chops per packages, cut thick! $14/lb
Mutton Shanks
Two shanks per pack
Chicken - Certified Organic
whole birds! $5/lb . We'll do our best with sizing, as you indicate below.
whole Chicken
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