REGISTRATION - Risk Culture Workshops
REGISTRATION: During the registation, I will need you to provide an email address so that I can send you the joining instructions (the link for zoom session). This can be a generic email address that doesn't reveal your name/surname. You may choose not to provide any personal information requested below.

ONLINE WORKSHOPS: During the online workshops, you will be asked to respond to questions about risk scenarios and decisions you faced/made based on the examples previously collected from pilots. All data will be collected ANONYMOUSLY unless you choose to provide your name while joining. No personal data will be collected but your responses to questions will be shown to the participants. Therefore you may choose not provide your name / employer etc. at the begining of the session. The ultimate aim is to share your experience so that everyone can reflect on these challenges and learn to mitigate the operational risks more effectively.

Finally, all the personal data will be stored in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act (1998) and European 'General Data Protection Regulation' (GDPR) but the examples of participants' experiences will be shared (without revelaing their personal details e.g. name/employer etc.) with senior managers in the industry to understand their attitude towards the risks frontline operators face.
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