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Do you see a relationship between your grades in school now and your future salary? *
Do you see a relationship between receiving either technical training or higher education and your future salary? *
Up to this point, have you planned for the unexpected things in your life? *
After the Reality Store, how will you plan for the unexpected things in your life? *
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Would your purchases for clothing, food, and/or entertainment change or stay the same after going through the Reality Store? Why? *
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Were you able to save as much money as you originally wanted? Why or why not? *
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How much did your awareness change about the following topics through your participation in the Reality Store? *
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Budgeting your money...
Making wise financial choices...
Making career choices...
Added expense of having children...
Importance of staying in school and receiving a good education...
What did you like/dislike about the Reality Store? Would you change anything? *
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