Madison Public Market Vendor Interest Form
The Madison Public Market project is moving forward and the design will be finalized over the next several months. This Vendor Interest Form is to gather information from potential vendors interested in operating within the Public Market. The information collected will help guide the design of the market and create an updated list of potential vendors. This form is for informational purposes only. It will lead to a more formal process for vendor selection and leasing. If there are questions that you can’t answer or don’t want to answer, simply leave that question blank.

If you have questions about the Public Market or about this form, or if you need assistance completing it, please contact Dan Kennelly at 608-267-1968 or
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Name of Business (if applicable)
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Email Address
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Phone Number
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Website (if you have one)
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Which category best describes what you want to sell at the Madison Public Market (check all that apply)?
Briefly describe your concept for a Public Market business. What do you want to make, do, and sell there?
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What type of space would you envision using at the Madison Public Market?
Describe your ideal space for your business at Public Market. What does it look like? How big is it? What’s the layout?
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Describe any special equipment or infrastructure you would need
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What are your storage requirements?
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Describe your needs for loading and stocking
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Describe your needs for trash, recycling, and composting
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What rent structure would you prefer?
What days and times would you like to be open?
Which of the following would you prefer in terms of designing and building out your space?
Would you use shared kitchen space?
Where do you currently sell your products?
If you are a farmer, what methods do you use?
How long have you been operating?
What, if any, licensing or permitting requirements would be needed for you to operate within the Public Market?
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Do you have a business plan?
How are you financing your business?
Other than yourself, how many employees do you have?
What gender best describes you?
What race/ethnicity best describes you?
What age category are you in?
Please share any other ideas or suggestions that should be considered in the design of the Madison Public Market
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Please share any other information we should know about your business idea for the Madison Public Market?
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