Zazenkai Registration - 14 August 2021 Online with Mari Rhydwen Roshi
Please fill in all required questions and tick the declaration statement box at the end.

Complete your registration by Thursday 12 August 2021
A Zoom link will be distributed on Friday 13 August 2021.
To touch the Mind, to settle the Mind, to convey the Mind.
Zazenkai Venue: Zoom
The Zazenkai schedule includes opening words by a teacher, Zazen, dokusan, chanting and a Dharma talk.

Part-time attendance is possible for those unable to attend the full Zazenkai .
Zoom Data Requirements
This Zazenkai will be conducted entirely on Zoom, which requires a relatively large amount of data usage.
As a rough guide, zoom with video on may use something between 500MB and 850MB per hour, or between 4GB and 7GB for an 8 hour day.

If you are concerned about your data usage, it is alright for you to turn off your video during the day, ideally for part of the day. Turning off your video, by clicking on "Stop Video" located at the bottom left hand side of your screen, should roughly halve the data used for the period it is off.

Reference article on data use:
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Mandatory Declaration
Warning: Zazenkai can be physically and emotionally challenging. We recommend you read ‘Taking the Path of Zen’ by Robert Aitken Roshi and practice sitting at home and during our regular Thursday evening sitting before you commit to the much longer periods of sitting Zazenkai. This is to ensure you’re familiar with the hours of meditation, postures, silence, and scheduled events. Please wear comfortable black and/or plain clothing to the Zazenkai. Leaders are available to answer questions during the Zazenkai.

Zazenkai provides an opportunity to have an interview with the teacher in Dokusan. Some walks and exercise may be included. Except where Zazenkai is run online, there will be voluntary jobs assigned, for example in the kitchen. If you have a pre-existing condition that prevents you from taking on a job, please indicate this above and advise one of the leaders. We ask you to take responsibility for your own well being and general health. If you are not well or have an accident please inform a leader or the teacher promptly.
Statement: I have read the warning above. I agree that the Zen Group of Western Australia Inc. and its councillors, members and appointed representatives will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from my participation in this event or its production, which may include my performance of voluntary services. I am aware of the nature of this event, the extent of my participation and its requirements of me. *
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