Testing the Waters- Annual Program Participation Application Form
Annual TTW Water Education Stipends are made available to all participating TTW schools (contingent on funding availability). In order to be eligible to receive a stipend, a participating school must have submitted:

1) at least one water quality measure data set per test site per year to be posted on the TTW website, 2) the TTW yearly overall evaluation, and 3) a final Stipend Report Form for the previous year.

Water Education TTW Stipend funds may be used for:

Water education fieldtrip transportation and admission expenses to approved Water Education providers. (Other locations can be suggested for consideration.)
Water education materials (books, videos, software, etc)
Replacement of Water Quality Testing Equipment
Water Action Project expenses

All applications must include a signed commitment to continue participation in TTW. This commitment is found at the bottom of this application. We ask that the annual program participation form be completed by no later than October 15th.

If you have questions, please contact Mary Holleback at mholleback@riveredge.us or by phone at 262-375-2715.
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The WAV level is for teachers who are either, 1) new to the program or 2) teach middle school grades. The TTW level is for returning high school teachers.
Please detail how you plan to use the stipend money.
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How will the stipend funds enhance your students' knowledge of water quality testing, the Milwaukee River Watershed, and/or the overall importance of water as a natural resource?
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Please provide a brief list of your planned expenditures. Include dates, if possible.
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