Gomes Math Circle 2020-21 - Registration Form
The Gomes Math Circle is a club where students from Grades 4-6 come to take math contests. We will be participating in online testing for this year, using ZOOM®.

The date and time of each contest (Math Olympiad and CML) is already scheduled for the entire year. It will be on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00pm. There will be one CML test on Thursday in the month of December, due to the winter break.

No make-up of any contest may be administered to any student for any reason.

The cost of Math Circle is $10, which includes both Math Olympiad and CML. Even the student opts only for Math Olympiad, the cost is still $10 for participating.

**Registration will be considered final only after $10 has been paid either by PayPal (our preferred method) or by Cash. Please use the “Friends and Family” option in PayPal. The last day of Registration, including payment is September 25, 2020.

Parents are responsible for making sure students attend Math Circle on ZOOM®. Please use unique (different) email ids to enroll siblings from the same family. This form can only be used to enrol one student at a time. Parents are responsible for the following:

Help students to login into the ZOOM® Classroom at the scheduled time. Students arriving to the contest after it has begun (late) may not be permitted to join in the contest.

Each student is allowed only a pen, pencil and eraser, along with blank sheets of scrap paper. Parents must help verify that the sheets are clean and that no calculators, graph paper, protractors, or other aids or resources are present on the desk/table.

Each student should be alone in a room. Parents, siblings, tutors, or anyone else should be asked to leave the room.

Once the timed contest begins,
1. Students’ eyes should never leave the computer screen or the scrap paper being used for that contest,
2. Students are not permitted to seek the aid of a parent, sibling, friend who may be in another room,
3. Audio should be enabled on the students’ classroom platform,
4. Students are not using any form of assistance.

Enrollment in the Gomes Math Circle will be on a year-to-year basis. Acceptance into the Math Circle one year will not guarantee acceptance into the Math Circle the following year.

We will have a ZOOM® "Meet and Greet" with all the Parents on September 23 at 7pm. After submitting this form and paying the cost, if you do not get a confirmation email from us or get a ZOOM® link by September 23 morning, please email us as: gomesmathcircle@gmail.com
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