2018 Museum Worker Engagement Survey
Museum friends,

Are you happy at work? My over 15 years working in the field has shown me that many of us are not fully satisfied with our jobs. I don't like relying on hunches so I'm gathering data and tracking museum worker engagement year to year.

For the past two years I've released a standardized survey about museum workplaces. It's open for one month and the results are posted on my website www.joyfulmuseums.com. It's by no means scientific, but I think it is a start towards understanding how we feel and where we can make improvements to our workplaces.

We work in a fulfilling, meaningful field.  I'm committed to making it better and I know you are, too.  

Thanks for your help!

Marieke Van Damme
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Podcasting at Museum People

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Over the past year, I have enjoyed my job: *
In a typical week, how often do you feel stressed about work?
Please note your agreement with these statements about your workplace engagement
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I feel rewarded and appreciated for my work
I have a good work/life balance
I have clear opportunities for professional growth/enrichment
I have autonomy over my work
I am satisfied with my overall compensation
I know the work I do has an impact on the museum's overall goals
I understand how to advance at my museum
My job is challenging and makes use of my skills and abilities
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Do you think the operating budget and number of staff at your museum influences your ability to do your job?
Do you think the physical layout of your museum/office influences your ability to do your job?
Please note your agreement with these statements about interpersonal relationships at your museum
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I enjoy the people I work with
There is collaboration between colleagues at my museum
I am satisfied with the level of communication at the museum
At my museum, there is trust between senior and junior staff
At my museum, employees treat each other with respect
I respect my boss/supervisor
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Please note below your agreement with these statements about your workplace environment
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I like going to work at the museum every day
I am proud of the work my museum does
I feel physically safe in my office
I am physically comfortable in my office
Clear selection
How likely are you to look for another job within the next six months?
What is your age range?
Are you of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin?
What is your race? For purposes of this question, persons of Spanish/Hispanic/Latino origin may be of any race.
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What is your gender identity?
What is your employment status?
Do you have an employment contract?
 Where are you in your professional career?
How long have you been at your museum?
Where does your position fall on your museum's organizational chart?
What department do you work in?
Check all that apply
What kind of museum do you work for?
What state do you work in?
Is there anything else you would like to share about your workplace environment?
Thank you for your help! Can I quote you (anonymously, of course)?
I use these results on my website, at conference sessions, and other similar uses to help our colleagues in the museum field.
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