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International Project Guidelines (please read before you apply)
United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) acknowledges the many unique situations depending on the country (including different areas within the United States and it various cultures). Since there should be a mutual relationship between the volunteer team and the projects, guidelines have been established to help guide both the volunteer teams and the projects.
Guidelines for Teams: 1. Have a trained UMVIM team leader providing spiritual formation for the team; 2. Comply with their annual conference Safe Sanctuary/ Child Protection Policy; 3. Register and have health insurance that will cover where serving; 4. Serve with an UMVIM project;
The following Guidelines for UMVIM projects will be flexible as it relates to specific situations and cultures.
1. Submit a completed Project Description form to UMVIM, SEJ or Global Ministries Mission Volunteers approved by the judicatory head of the region/conference or a GBGM Missionary serving in the region/conference if outside the United States or the bishop of the conference or Conference UMVIM Coordinator for projects within annual conferences in the United States.
2. Work in collaboration with or be a part of a United Methodist Central Conference, Mission Initiative, or Partner Church if located outside the United States OR be an organization that has received funding from or worked collaboratively with Global Ministries, UMCOR, or United Methodist Women, Inc.
3. Determined by the leadership within the region/country in accordance with the priorities of the local bishop or president of the Church (for United Methodist or partner Churches) or executive director of the project (for ecumenical, non-governmental organizations (NGO) or non-faith-based partners) with judicatory or missionary approval.
4. Will work towards one or more of the four areas of focus: leadership development in the Church, developing new congregations, partnering with the poor to alleviate and end poverty, and/or addressing health-related issues).
5. Will have a system of financial accountability and be able to provide teams with documentation of all receipts and disbursements.
6. Trained Global Ministries’ Individual Volunteers’ projects should be signed by the judicatory head or Global Ministries’ missionary in the region/conference they are serving.
7. Create Child Protection Policy or Values Statement that demonstrates standards for child safety and protection of human dignity such as those stated in the in Safe Sanctuaries Guidelines for Mission Projects and how these policies or values will be implemented based on the cultural context of the region/country in which the project is located.
8. May include an administrative fee of $500 or $40 per team member for project coordination which should be list on the Project Description form
9. Will be listed on the Project list by general categories (e.g. construction; medical; mission Bible school; disaster response, etc).
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Also note, if your project is currently listed as a Global Ministries Advance project, you do not need to submit approval from the acting Bishop, or head-of-church, in the area. If you have any questions please contact us at
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****PLEASE NOTE: Any project applying for placement on the project list must have the approval of the acting Bishop, or head-of-church official, where the project is located. This can be sent electronically to or by mail to: 100 Centerview Drive, Suite 210, Birmingham, AL 35216.****
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