Parent Bullying Survey
Ferri Middle School is committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for all students. To achieve that goal we are seeking feedback from parents regarding bullying. Please answer the following questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. By working together, we will continue to make Ferri a great place to be. Thank you for your participation.
1. What team is your student on?
2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank the climate at Ferri (how you/your student feels to be here)?
The state provides the following definition of bullying:
3. Based on the state's definition, is bullying a problem at Ferri?
4. How does your student feel about Ferri?
My student enjoys being at Ferri
Ferri is a friendly and welcoming place
Ferri is an inviting place to learn
My student feels accepted by students at Ferri
My student feels accepted by adults at Ferri
My student has someone to talk to when having a problem
5. During this school year how often have you seen or heard of someone being bullied?
6. During this school year how often has your student been bullied?
6a. How was he/she bullied? (Check all that apply)
6b. How many students were involved?
7. How many times in the past year has your student reported seeing someone being bullied, teased or made fun of?
8. When your student has reported bullying, what steps did you take? (Check all that apply)
9. How satisfied were you with the school's response to reports of bullying
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
10. What can the school do to help prevent bullying?
11. How would you prefer to report incidents of bullying?
12. Further thoughts: please use this area to jot down any other thoughts you have on this topic
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