Yisrael Family Urban Farm Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in attending our upcoming class! Our Class and Workshop Scholarship Fund is one of our many efforts to make our paid community education classes as inclusive and accessible as possible. Priority will be given to community residents living in under served neighborhoods.

Each scholarship recipient will be required to participate in work trade. Work trade is an opportunity to attend the class at no cost or at a reduced rate while providing volunteer work and gaining valuable experience. We are seeking committed community members who will support class staff up to 90 min before AND 1 hour after class to assist with classroom set up, signage, registration, and clean-up. Please do not apply if you are not available to participate in work trade.

We are also excited to offer you an opportunity to be more involved in our community and the gifts that come with being in service behind the scenes. We hope to co-create an awarding experience for you that not only is of value to you and your journey, but also helps our mission to transforming the hood for GOOD!

Scholarship recipients will be notified 7 to 10 days prior to workshop date.
For questions, email us at educationalclasses@yisraelfamilyfarm.net.
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Full - If I am not able to receive a scholarship, I cannot attend the class. I understand if I am selected, I will be required to participate in work trade in exchange for my scholarship.
Partial - I am able to pay for part of the cost, not all. I understand that if I am selected, I must participate in work trade in exchange for my scholarship.
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