Tomorrows Eden
My product or service is a mobile game called Tomorrows Eden for iPhone and android/other smartphone devices. This mobile game will take elements from best fiends, bejeweled, and candy crush, making it a puzzle matching game. In this game, you can select from three different starter characters, Zenon, Yoko, and Leon. The character you choose will have his/her own pros and cons. For example, against a fire type enemy, Yoko would be damaged more than the other two due to her weakness to fire etc… The goal is to eradicate the enemy to rid the world of enemies. Character development is still in progress. I believe i may use items as matching symbols. For example, three swords matching up would be a melee attack, and three staffs would be a magic attack, and two or more potions, more to boost effect, would heal the player's team. This mobile game is a nice in-between for people who like puzzle matching games, as well as a fantasy aspect and other ideas implemented. Character customization may also be possible. This survey is to show what type of people play this game and what they'd like to see different or added.
First question. How old are you?
2. Are you male or female?
3. What type of things would you like to see in this kind of game?
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4. If you are in school, What grade are you in?
5. If you have any questions about the game, please list them here.
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6. How frequently would you see yourself playing this type of game?
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