Montrose PTA Membership
We welcome interested adults to join us as we build the Montrose PTA together.

What is the PTA? At MECC, the PTA’s purpose will be to foster communication, to build a strong sense of community and to support the teachers and staff. Fundraising will be a part of it, but not the purpose. The PTA embodies the partnerships between parents, educators, and children to enhance our students’ success. We know that children learn more when the entire school community works together to share ideas and information and joins forces on projects to benefit the children. The Montrose PTA will play an essential role in providing “added value” to our children’s school year through additional learning activities, assemblies, field trips, and family activities. By becoming a member, you can join us in helping to ensure the “added value” concept becomes a reality. By joining us now you will help shape exactly what that means for our student community. We will welcome your ideas and input.

Dues are $20 per person per year. We are extending this invitation to parents, guardians, teachers, staff and other family and community members who want to support the MECC community. Your dues are one way to show your support for the PTA on the local, state, and national levels. As with our tuition, there is financial assistance available should the dues be prohibitive for anyone

Please take a moment to complete our Communication Directory, and PTA membership forms for each interested person. The form will provide us with your contact information if you wish to be included in the Buzz Book (school directory) and will tell us the best way to contact you.

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Membership Dues
Dues are $20 per adult per school year. Right now we are only accepting cash or check. When the form is completed please send your membership dues back to school in your child’s backpack marked for the PTA.

Please make your check for membership to: MECC-PTA

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