Designer Talks at the Home and Garden Expo 2020
Prim Perfect and Designing Worlds are planning to stage a series of Meet the Designer events at this year's Home and Gardens Expo. At the moment, we're looking for designers to take part in the event!

This will give an opportunity for designers who are taking part in the Expo to meet the public. They can present their newest products, or answer questions about their work and plans – in either speech or text.

Sessions will happen up to twice a day, at 2pm and 5pm (from Sunday 16th February - Sunday 2nd March) - but we will also try and factor in special times for those who can't make the chosen slots!

If the times you choose are very popular, we may ask if you would like to be part of a panel session.

We are also planning to have some of our popular "Show and Tell" events and hopefully some panel discussions on Second Life issues such as animesh.

Fill in the form here by by February 14th with the following information:
Name: *
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Store Name (or name of organisation): *
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What would you like to talk about? *
Tell us if you have a particular theme or topic in mind. However, "My store" or simply "Me" is a perfectly good answer here!
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Preferred format: *
How would you like to present? You can give a presentation, or be interviewed. Will you be open to questions from the audience? Specify which formats you would be happy with!
Voice or text *
We can cover more ground in voice - but if you hate it, a text interview can be great too!
Time preferred: *
We are planning talks at 2pm and 5pm SLT. If you really can only make another time, we will try to accommodate you. No talks on Tuesdays - we'll be filming Designing Worlds!
Dates *
Please give as many as possible. If there are specific times and dates that you can't make (or dates that would be best for you, please comment below in the Any other information box
Any other information?
Anything else we should know? Date + time combinations that would be impossible, special equipment you might need etc. We'll be sending a questionnaire later that will help us publicise your talk, so don't feel you have to tell us everything now - this is to help us set up the talks!
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