Lenawee Summer Lit Lab Pop-Up: Home Literacy Survey
Thank you, families and caregivers, for taking the time to complete this Home Literacy Survey. We ask that you complete this survey now and again in the fall. We will use the results of this survey to determine the effectiveness of the Lenawee Literacy Lab Pop-ups and to find ways to make the program even better next summer!

If you have more than one child, we encourage you to complete the survey once for each of your children as your answers may vary per child. Thanks again for your time and valuable input!

Summer Lit Lab Pop-Up
Summer Lit Lab Pop-Up Focus includes Reading, Writing, Inquiry Activities, and Home Literacy Development
I understand that these questions will be used to help plan for a successful Summer Lit Lab Pop-Up in my school district. *
Your answers will help us craft a great summer learning (Pop-Up) for our school!
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Age of my child *
The age of the child that I have in mind when I answer these questions.
I have more than one child in grade(s) PreK-5. *
We do request that parents with children in grades PreK-5 complete the survey for each child.
What district does your child attend? *
I also have a child(ren) ages 0-5 in the home. *
Your relationship to the child: *
During the summer, transportation to and from the school will be: *
My work hours are most often during: *
This question helps us identify best times for summer learning (Pop-ups).
During a normal week, a caring adult (myself or others) reads with my child
On days we read together, it is about: *
The time can be spread out over the day.
Amount of children's books in the home: *
We have a library card *
Most of the books we have at home come from: *
How many months has your child received books from the Lenawee Imagination Library?
If you do not take part in this program, please type "0" or skip this question.
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Since receiving Lenawee Imagination Library books, do you read more to your child/children? *
At home, there is a defined/special space and materials for writing (that a child can reach): *
A space could be a table, desk, or special basket/box with writing tools that a child can access without help.
It is difficult to motivate my child(ren) to write: *
It is difficult to motivate my child(ren) to read: *
My child asks questions about how things work (shows curiosity): *
Questions could be about nature, building, machines, cooking, stories, and more
We support science learning by *
Check all that apply please.
What are YOUR hobbies, skills, and interests? *
Sports, movies, music, reading
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What are some ways you would like to be a part of the summer learning (Pop-Up)? *
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I would be interested in learning more about: *
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