ELCE Test Request Form - 2019-2020
Please fill out this form to indicate your interest in taking the ELCE (English Language Certification Examination) with the CSE Department.

The ELCE is open to students who have received a 23-25 on their spoken TOEFL tests, and to students who have waived the TOEFL requirement based on their previous educational institution(s). If you have received a 22 or below, additional work will be required before you will be eligible to sign up for the exam. If you have received a 26 or above, you are exempt from the ELCE requirement. If you are not eligible to take the ELCE but still wish to TA, you may register to take a TOEFL exam and have your new scores sent to the University. Please notify Tierra Terrell if you plan to use this option.

The CSE Department will only preemptively test CSE students for the ELCE. Non-CSE students will need a pending TA offer before being eligible to take the ELCE with our department. If you are a non-CSE student and do not have a pending TA offer, please contact your home department for more information regarding how to sign up for this test.

ELCE testing is always held during Finals Week of any given quarter. Students who complete and pass the exam preemptively will be eligible to serve as a Teaching Assistant two quarters after taking the exam (i.e. if you take the ELCE during Finals Week of Fall quarter, you will be eligible to TA in Spring quarter). If you are taking the test due to a pending TA offer, you will be eligible to work as a TA as soon as your exam results are received.

For more information about our policy, please visit: https://cse.ucsd.edu/graduate/financial-opportunities/teaching-assistantships

If you have any questions about the exam or the CSE Department's policy, please contact Tierra Terrell at tterrell@eng.ucsd.edu.
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Please only select "TOEFL Waiver" if you did not submit TOEFL scores when you applied for your graduate program.
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For students with a 22 or below, please list all English preparatory courses that you have completed after being admitted to UC San Diego to justify your request to take the ELCE. Please include the course name, quarter taken, and the grade you received. For students with a 23-25, please mark N/A.
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