Breck Gives Back
Breckenridge Brewery and the Farm House Restaurant invite you to fill out our donation request form to tell us about your organization and how we might assist you. While we would love to support all organizations and causes, unfortunately due to the large number of requests we receive we are unable to fulfill every donation. You will be notified if your donation is fulfilled.

*In-person requests will not be fulfilled. Please submit using the online donation request form.
*Donation requests must be submitted 30 days prior to the event date.

Our Mission
Our company’s history in Colorado has taught us to cherish health, education, community, and earth’s greatest gifts. It is our mission to give back in ways that help others achieve what we are so fortunate to have.

Our Vision
To give back and see our business efforts help build the local community.

The Farm House Restaurant and Breckenridge Brewery strive to be pillars in philanthropy by supporting the local community. We would love to support all causes and organizations; however, we have narrowed our focus to make a more direct impact in our local community.

What do we support and why?

Focusing on our community by supporting local educational programs.
The Farm House focuses on supporting the local school system to enhance the development of education for the children of our loyal guests. We further drive our support of the local education system through the desire to support the educators and administration that find their passion in developing the children of the local community.

Driving environmental sustainability by supporting local farmers and sustainable practices.
The Farm House focuses on environmental sustainability through practice! We focus on all things sustainable. From recycling 100% of our plastic to composting; we practice what we preach! The Farm House further mitigates climate change by purchasing locally grown produce and building the local economy! In addition to sustainable practices, we provide additional support to environmental educational programs.

Recognizing veterans by supporting organizations focusing on helping the disabled and wounded having served in our armed forces.
Breckenridge Brewery and the Farm House want to recognize and acknowledge the work put forth by our armed forces. We concentrate our efforts on supporting programs focused on helping disabled and wounded Veterans rehabilitate and learn new skills. In the past, we have supported Veterans to Farmers, a program dedicated to teaching Veteran’s about agriculture and farming.

Outdoor lifestyle, safety and management.
Welcome to the Colorado lifestyle! As those that love the outdoors and the activities that come with it, we focus our support on organizations dedicated to keeping us safe when we head out in the snow, protect us during wildfires, and our overall public safety.

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