2109015: Team Member Registration for AA Orienteering Team 隊員註冊
Team Member Registration for AA Orienteering Team

訓練期: 2021年10月至12月
Training Period: Oct. to Dec. 2021

紅隊 Red Team:
逢星期五 4:30-6:30pm Every Fri.
荔枝角公園 (露天劇場)
Lai Chi Kok Park (Amphitheatre)

橙隊 Orange Team:
逢星期三 4:30-6:30pm Every Wed.
香港公園 (奧林匹克廣場)
Hong Kong Park (Olympic Square)

隊費 Team Fee: HK$900 (港幣玖佰元 Hong Kong Dollars Nine Hundred)
入隊之後繳付, 隨時歡迎入隊。
It is payable after joining the team.
Anyone is welcome to join the team at any time.

*Any team member can participate in the regular training of another team for free.

入隊資格: 2015年或之前出生 (六歲或以上)
Entry Requirement: Born in 2015 or before (6 years old or above)

A notice to pay the team fee will be issued after the team member registration is accepted.

查詢: 93708444 (陳教練), 可用 WhatsApp 查詢
Enquiry: 93708444 (Coach Chan), can use WhatsApp to make your enquiry.

Website: http://apexaction.com/
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AA Orienteering Team AA定向隊
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