STUDENTS 2019 NHS School Counseling Survey
Please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey. We value your feedback! The deadline to complete this survey is April 26, 2019. Thank you!
Who was your counselor this year? *
What grade are you currently in? *
Did your counselor touch base with you at least once this year? *
My school counselor creates a welcoming atmosphere. *
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My school counselor is knowledgeable and answers my questions. *
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My school counselor listens and addresses my concerns. *
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My counselor knows my strengths and interests. *
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I understand the role of my counselor. *
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What is your knowledge of Student Success Plans? *
Do you have a Student Success Plan? *
The reason I went to my counselor's office this year was: *
How would you rate the amount of focused attention you received this year from your counselor? *
For Freshmen only - Rate on this scale how successful was your transition to the high school?
For Freshmen only - How helpful was your counselor to help you make a successful transition to high school?
Not at all helpful
Very helpful!
For Freshmen only - How do you feel having to move on to another counselor next year?
I wish I could just keep my same counselor!
I look forward to having a new counselor
For Seniors only - Rate on this scale how satisfied you are with the amount of time your counselor had to assist you with you plans for after high school.
I wish my counselor had more time
Very satisfied!
Fall is a busy time helping freshmen make a smooth transition and helping seniors through the college application process. This is why we have 2 devoted freshmen counselors. However, it does mean an additional transition to your 10-12 grade counselor. Do you think if we switched to having the same counselor all 4 years would be better for you? *
Please share why you answered the way you did to the above question.
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What is my counselor doing well and what suggestions would you make for improvement?
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Other feedback?
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