Volunteer for Summer Reading 2020
Would you like to read or craft for a virtual summer reading program this year? If so, please fill out this form, and we will contact you soon. Thank you for helping to make a difference in your community! Note: This year's theme is "Imagine Your Story," and focuses mainly on fairy tales, mythology, and fantasy.
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Do you have a device with a camera & microphone and access to reliable internet service? *
Which would you be most comfortable with using for the program? Please check all that apply. NOTE: We will upload pre-recorded programs to Facebook and YouTube, and may use other platforms to offer them to our patrons, when possible. All volunteers reading on Zoom will be screened more carefully than those offering a pre-recorded performance. *
If you have other talents or interesting things you would like to demonstrate (creative writing, singing or playing original music, puppets, etc.), please list them here.
Would you be willing to create a brief promotional video that we can use to help us promote the program? *
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