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St. Louis Voices Academy of Media Arts (St. Louis Voices Academy, St. Louis Voices) is a public charter school launching in North St. Louis to educate students, kindergarten through 5th grade, who reside within the boundaries of St. Louis City. St. Louis Voices Academy’s first academic semester is planned for Fall of 2023, with a projected enrollment of 121 students in kindergarten and 1st grade. Each subsequent year, St. Louis Voices Academy will add a grade until reaching full enrollment of 505 students in grades K-5 by fall of 2027. Our mission is to leverage media arts and storytelling to equip students with the agency to excel academically, author their own futures, and make meaningful contributions in their communities.

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Question:  Board members connect through meeting attendance, committee work, membership events, e-mail, and other St. Louis Voices Academy communications. Do you have the time and resources to be an active Member of the St. Louis Voices Academy Board? *
Question: What is your past governance experience? Was the board you served on effective? Why or why not? If you have no previous experience, what do you see as the elements of an effective board? What is your role? *
Question: Working on a board requires close teamwork amongst a group that is likely to bring diverse backgrounds and experiences. Can you describe an experience in which you worked with such a team? If not, how does this opportunity strike you? *
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