Petition for the Piedmont Unified School District
Return to Educational Excellence

We the undersigned acknowledge that:

1.  Universities and colleges require prerequisite knowledge to be taught in primary and secondary school for student success in post-secondary education.  Admission into many of the top 100 universities and colleges is very competitive and goes beyond basic graduation requirements to include considerations of Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors level coursework in their admission criteria.

2.  PUSD currently provides multiple educational opportunities and strategies to meet the needs of and maximize learning for each student as best as possible within the constraints of the school budget and in fairness to all students.  These include, but are not limited to, trying to match students to teachers most aligned with their learning styles, multiple opportunities to enter math compression, multiple levels of intervention for students falling behind, special education programs, reduced student-teacher ratios in Millennium High School, a broad variety of AP and Honors classes offered through Piedmont High School, and open enrollment for AP and Honors classes.

3. Diversity and equity should not be used as blanket excuses to reduce these educational opportunities available to all students.

4. A look at CAASPP / CAST standardized testing data for the past few years shows there is little to no significant difference between White and Non-White students, see: . Therefore, diversity and equity should not be used as blanket excuses to water down academic curricula required for student success in post-secondary education.  This is crucial for ELA, Math and Sciences.  

5. The curricula for AP courses is a national standard set by the College Board.  Open enrollment and high demand for PHS Honors classes should not be an excuse to create new curricular offerings that don't prepare students for colleges and universities.

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