VR Sci Labs
At VR Sci Fest, we are introducing a lab mentality through which we immerse and interact with scientists, industry experts, students, and citizens to explore, discuss, and tinker with technology. We want to move away from consuming knowledge in meeting places like festivals towards co-creating knowledge while engaging with participants.

During 5-hours Ideation Workshop we will build R&D case(-s) for VR/AR application for each of the Sci Lab:

1. VR + Buildings (curated by White Arkitekter)
2. VR + Mobility & Transport (curated by SCANIA)
3. VR + ICT (curated by Ericsson)
4. VR + Health (TBA)
5. VR + Industry 4.0 (curated by ABB)
6. VR + Sustainability (TBA)
7. VR +Media (curated by MTG Tech)

VR Sci Lab Workshop structure:

Ideation VR + _________ >> R&D Case Design >> Planning Cases >> Integrate Cases to VIRTUAL CITY PLATFORM

Due to the limited number of seats in each laboratory, we will select the most suitable candidates. Please choose ONLY ONE of the lab you would like to participate.

All participants will be confirmed by May 10th.

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