CMSI Graduate Student and Postdoc Spring Research Symposium
When: May 8th, 2018 from 10:00 - 4:00pm (with reception)

Where: UC Davis Conference Center, Ballroom B, UC Davis Campus

What: A symposium filled with short (5 min) flash talks (not necessarily data driven) and "pop-up" posters given by you and your colleagues to showcase the amazing science happening by marine-minded graduate students and postdocs! Although there will be no time scheduled between individual presentations for questions and answers, the coffee and beverage breaks, catered lunch, and happy hour reception will be used for extended discussion.

Why: This format lends itself to a more conversational and storytelling presentation style intended to stimulate the exchange of new and exciting ideas in a short time period while introducing colleagues and potential collaborators to the amazing science that you do! This can be an opportunity to talk about your journey as a scientist, your motivation to do science, your adventures in communicating science to broad audiences, or a theme that ties all your scientific endeavors together.

Given 5 minutes to speak and visual aides, what would you most like to share with other graduate students/postdocs?

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