Request for Scholarships FALL 2017
This form should be completed by PASC managers for Fall 2017 scholarship funds. Each season an application must be submitted to be considered for funding, however filling out a request DOES not mean that a scholarship will be awarded. Please try to properly set expectations with families regarding team fees and do not make promises that an award will be granted or cover all team expenses.

Deadline: June 1, 2017

Scholarship amounts:
Palo Alto Residents (per Palo Alto City this includes non-residents attending PAUSD schools) in first and subsequent seasons and non-residents in second and subsequent season (if funding is limited, then funding levels are based on prioritization list):
$235 + $400 for 11v11 first (typically blue) teams
$235 + $300 for 11v11 second (typically white) teams
$235 + $200 for 11v11 red/green/etc. (other teams beyond first or second teams)
$235+ $200 for 7v7 and 9v9 blue/white (first or second) teams
$235 +$100 for 7v7 and 9v9 red/green (beyond first or second) teams
$150 for 4v4 teams

Non-Residents Season #1 (if funding is limited, then funding is based on prioritization list):
$235 for 11v11, 9v9, 7v7 all level teams
$150 for 4v4 teams

Budget and number of scholarship recipient limits:
The number of funded scholarship recipients will be determined by the scholarship budget rather than a fixed maximum number (e.g., 50). Based on the budget set for a particular season, the following priority list below will be used until the budgeted funds are used. Unused budget rolls over to the next season.

Prioritization when budget is insufficient for all eligible applicants:
The budgeted funding will fund approved scholarships above based on the income eligibility. If the available budget is not sufficient to fund all eligible players, the following priority will be used as a guideline by the scholarship committee. The scholarship committee can recommend exceptions to this priority (in unusual circumstances) to the board for approval.

1) Funds available are first used for returning players who fulfilled commitments the previous season

2) Remaining funds for new players who are residents based on team level (first, second, etc) and age level from oldest age group down to 4v4 (up to team limits and total number of recipient limit)

3) Remaining funds for new players who are non-residents based on team level (first, second, etc) and age level from oldest age group down to 4v4 (up to team limits and total number of recipient limit)

4) If budgeted funds fall short of all eligible participants in one of the steps above, the scholarship committee may recommend the funds be allocated at a proportional level within that step. For example, if only 75% of funds remain to fund new non-resident players (step 3), each eligible non-resident player may be allocated 75% of the amount they are eligible to receive.

5) Based on recommendations from scholarship committee and approval from the PASC Board (taking into account age group considerations, team stability considerations, technical and executive director input, etc.), remaining funds, if any, can be allocated to teams with special needs, e.g., teams with needs beyond team limits, or to fund new non-resident applicants in first season, or to fund adjustments recommended for needs beyond total recipient limits.

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Proof of Financial Need *
Families must provide proof that they have a need. Right now, we are accepting Free and Reduced letter from school or IRS 1040 Tax form with social security numbers blacked out.
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Coach's verification *
By checking this box, manager is verifying that the coach is aware this player is seeking finacial assistance from PASC. If PASC is unable to grant aid, coach and manager will look for funding outside the club.
Family/Guardian's verification *
Family can provide proof that their family has a financial need. A letter regarding free and reduced school lunch program or IRS 1040 tax form with social security numbers blacked out. Please submit this electronically.
Agree to "give back to PASC" (manager asks and checks these boxes for family) *
If player receives scholarship this family agrees to at least two hours per season of Club level volunteer activies, as set forth by PASC board currently field lining and tournament help.
If my circumstances change… *
If my circumstances change such that this player is no longer eligible for or no longer needs a PASC scholarship parent will inform manager and the PASC Scholarship Coordinator immediately.
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