BIBLE STUDY Small Groups Signups - for Fully Alive!
[For non-students, ages 18-39 - must have finished school/college] - SPOTS OPEN FOR LIMITED TIME! ONCE THEY ARE FULL, A WAITING LIST WILL BE CREATED. Please encourage any other FULLY ALIVE! members to sign up now!
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I understand that: I am being asked for my preference for a small group, but I am not guaranteed the small group that I want. If all groups are filled, I may be placed on a waiting list. Small groups will be assigned according to who signed up first, first come first serve, need, and finally: preference. I also understand that none of the my contact information will be given out publicly. *
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I am a young adult between the ages 18-39, who is no longer pursuing an undergrad degree - and living within the Lake Charles diocese: *
When SGs start in September, I'm open to help serve by co-leading a Small Group: *
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If you were previously in a Small Group last year, and you would like to be in the same SG with some of the same people, please select which SG you were in:
Please rate the following topics for small groups from 1-4 (1 is most preferred topic, 4 is least preferred topic:
X - UNAVAILABLE (Saintly Masculinity)
X - GROUP FULL (Feminine Genius & Strong Women of Faith)
Theology of the Body & Marriage/Dating Topics
Study of the Gospels/Book of the Bible & Scriptrual Apologetics
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