Fetish Questionnaire

When I'm not battling hordes of rampaging undead, gripped mercilessly by TVTropes.org or enjoying quite frankly *unhealthy* amounts of internet pornography... I sometimes like to sit back and ponder the great questions:

"Are we alone in the universe?"
"What happens when we die?"

and perhaps the greatest question of all:

"What's the world's BIGGEST turn-on?"

So, tell me kinky people of the internet... What turns you on?

This is a VERY quick questionnaire (2 optional questions and 2 optional comment boxes) but a fairly long list of kinky activities.

Unless you want to leave some contact details at the end, your answers will be completely anonymous. If you want to know who the hell I am, there's some info about me down at the bottom of the questionnaire.


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    About the guy who put this questionnaire together.

    Lex is a hypnotist, photographer and fine fetish film producer living in the UK with his partner Lizzidoll. He runs a hypnosis fetish site called Entrancement UK, a hypno-fetish themed gallery site called HypnoDolls, and a blog called HypnoFantastico (Can you guess the theme?) He was born in 1981 and is still not dead. He admits to an embarrassing level of interest in collating questionnaire results and finds writing in the third person to be artificial and weird. He can be contacted by emailing entrancement@gmail.com Please click the "Submit" button below to complete the questionnaire. Thanks!