Alumni Survey
(To be filled by Alumni - after the completion of each academic year)
The purpose of this survey is to obtain alumni input on the quality of education they received and the level of preparation they had at University. The purpose of this survey is to assess the quality of the academic program. We seek your help in completing this survey.
1. PEO-1
1. Engineering Knowledge (PEO-1) *
Do you possess sufficient engineering knowledge?
2. Knowledge Utilization (PEO-1) *
Are you able to apply the knowledge attained to engineering problems?
3. Employment (PEO-1) *
Employed within one year?
4. Entrepreneurship (PEO-1) *
Started your own business?
5. Complex Engineering Problem (PEO-1) *
Have worked on complex electrical engineering problem?
2. PEO-2
1. Professionalism (PEO-2) *
Do you follow professional practices at work
2. Teamwork (PEO-2) *
Are you able to work effectively in teams
3. Communication Skills (PEO-2) *
Are you effective in Oral communication, Report writing, Presentation skills
3. PEO-3
1. Innovation and Reaseach (PEO-3) *
Are you actively involved in research?
2. Seminars / Conferences / High Level Meeting (PEO-3) *
Have you presented new ideas in seminars, conferences or high level meetings?
3. Project Management (PEO-3) *
Have you completed any project as project manager?
4. Senior Management Position (PEO-3) *
Have you been promoted to senoir management position?
4. PEO-4
1. Professional Ethics (PEO-4) *
Do you follow professional ethics?
2. Environmental / Sustainable Project (PEO-4) *
Have you worked on environmental and sustainable project?
5. PEO-5
1. Higher Education (PEO-5) *
Pursuing Higher education
2. Professional Course (PEO-5) *
Have you attended any professional course?
3. Professional Training (PEO-5) *
Have you attended any professional training?
4. Professional License (PEO-5) *
Have you obtained your full professional license from PEC?
5. Independent Thinking (PEO-5) *
Devising Out-the-box solutions to Problems
6. General Questions
Please make any additional comments or suggestions, which you think would help strengthen our programs. (New courses that you would recommend and courses that you did not gain much from)
Your answer
2. Career Opportunities
Your answer
3. Department Status
Repute at National level
Repute at International level
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