Parent Approval for Student Overnight and/or Extended Trip-2021


Departure: December 3 or 4, 2021 Time: TBD
Return: December 8, 2021 Time: TBD

Destination of Trip: Honolulu, Hawaii--80th Anniversary Memorial for Pearl Harbor
Teacher in Charge: Maureen Hatch

Estimated Maximum Tour cost to student and/or parents: $2100-$2300
Based on 40 + Participants (Including Chaperones)

The total cost includes the director's tour, all transportation costs, all lodging, all tips and concierge fees, admission to all activities and meals listed on the final itinerary as "group activities", music clinics and festival fees, commercial insurance and travel coordinator/host cost.

Cost DOES NOT INCLUDE meals not listed as group meals when given the itinerary and personal spending money. Those extra costs will be the responsibility of the individual student. It is suggested that each student take approximately $75-100 (+ or -) to cover these items.

When the number of people going on tour is known, the tour coordinator can begin to finalize the itinerary in addition to the set itinerary for the Pearl Harbor events. There will be at least one musical experience/opportunity that we do each day on tour--usually there are more.

Tours are required to have a 1:10 gender chaperone ratio. Priority will be given to those parents who register to chaperone as a couple. This allows them to share a room and gives us the necessary ratio of male and female chaperones as required by district policy. If there is an abundance of adults wishing to travel with the group, they will be selected on an as needed basis to fulfill the necessary chaperone ratios required. Chaperones are expected to remain with the group during the tour.
Parent Certification *
I have received and have carefully reviewed a copy of the "Application for Student Overnight and/or Extended Trip" described above. I also understand that the board policy requires that the financial cost for all trips will be borne by the student and/or parents although some limited fund raising may be permitted by the principal. The financial cost for the trip is the personal responsibility of the student and his/her parents. This responsibility does not rest with the school or the community. NOTE: It is important that the school officials know your honest feelings concerning the proposed excursion. Please do not modify your response to satisfy possible peer pressure on your student.
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