2019 Membership Survey from Central Coast Section of APA
How can the Central Coast Section of the American Planning Association better serve APA members along the Central Coast?

We are requesting your participation in a brief survey designed to gather information about how we can best serve our current APA members and attract new members who have an interest in being involved in the professional planning community through APA sponsored events and activities.

The Central Coast Section of the American Planning Association's California Chapter serves San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. We aim to provide planning professionals, elected officials, and community members with services, support, and information to advance planning on the Central Coast of California and beyond. The Section offers professional development and networking opportunities, and current information on national, state, and local planning news.

The information you provide will help us set Central Coast Section priorities. Thank you for you participation,

Executive Board of Directors, Central Coast Section
American Planning Association, California Chapter
Please select the category that best describes your current employer.
How many years of land use planning experience do you have?
Rate how important the following Central Coast APA services are to you.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Not applicable
General professional development and announcements opportunities
Professional opportunities networking and events
Receiving information and updates on regional and local planning issues
APA Awards Programs
Planning Academy Program
Opportunities CM credits to maintain AICP
How many APA sponsored or co-sponsored events have you attended in the past 12 months?
How often do you visit the APA Central Coast Section website http://www.centralcoastapa.org?
Rate to what extent these activities would allow the Central Coast Section of APA to better serve its members.
Very Helpful
Somewhat Helpful
Not Helpful
Not Applicable
Offer more professional development events
Better publicize upcoming events
Provide more opportunities for in-person interaction and networking
Assist with job search, training, and related employment assistance
Better inform planners on local and regional planning issues
Engage in more public education efforts on planning and outreach issues
Advocate on legislative and other planning issues
Are there any other activities or services that you think would allow the Central Coast Section of APA to better serve members?
Your answer
How do you most often find out about upcoming APA events and programs?
Rate to what extent you are interested in having the Central Coast Section include the below topics in its events, emails, and website content.
Very Interested
Slightly Interested
Not Interested
Not applicable
Local issues (San Luis Obispo, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties)
Regional Issues (Central Coast / Southern California)
State Issues
National Issues
International Issues
Legal Issues and Analysis
Job Search Related Issues
Social Activities and Events
What else should the Central Coast Section include in its events, emails, and website content?
Your answer
Are you currently an American Planning Association member? (i.e., dues paying member) *
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