Supportive Programs for High School Students - education professionals edition
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The results will provide insight needed about career-prep programs at the high school level.
The questions are geared towards adults education professionals.

Respond based on information about the high school you work(ed) at.

Please read carefully. Some questions and responses are lengthy, but it is necessary for context.
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What type of high school are you reporting on? *
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Country the high school is located in. Spell out full country name. Please spell correctly and do not use abbreviations. *
Do you feel the school provided sufficient academic support at school? Academic support is defined as: Academic supports are programs and strategies that are used by schools to increase the academic achievement of students. Examples are: tutoring sessions, supplemental courses, summer learning experiences, after-school programs, teacher advisors, and volunteer mentors, as well as alternative ways of grouping, counseling, and instructing students. *
If you have a response about academic support that was not in the multiple choice options in the previous questions, then add your response below. Write N/A if you do not have a response. *
Select the area(s) of academic support that have been most useful to students at the high school. Select as many as you  like. *
Does your school have a course or club for students to gain real-world experience similar to job experience? ( not just offering certification of skills or knowledge taught exclusively on school site.) *
Do you think your school would benefit from a program that teaches in-demand career-driven skills and provides an opportunity for work experience? *
Do you see any issues with a program offering the chance for internships based on performance in the program? *
If you perceive or have experienced an issue in a program like this please explain below. Write N/A if you do not have a response. *
Did you want a way to gain experience related to your chosen career or life path BEFORE having to choose a degree program of study for college? *
Did you change your mind about your career choice AFTER already starting a specific degree program? *
For those who answered the previous question. What was the reason related to for your degree change? *
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