Dedication to the Mission Award
Presented to the county with the most outstanding execution of the state health improvement initiatives. These projects epitomize the promotion of the TMAA mission: Partnering with TMA to Improve the Health of All Texans.

Please include information that demonstrates the following:
- Level of alliance‘s involvement
- Level of physician and/or medical society involvement
- Level of involvement with other organizations
- Number of individuals receiving services ( i.e., number of immunizations given, helmets distributed, participating walkers, people screened)
- Level of media coverage
- Quantity of materials distributed, if applicable
County Alliance *
County President *
Phone *
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If not county president
If you would like this project/program/event to be considered for another award category, please indicate which category(ies) below.
Please be sure to include all requested information for other category criteria.
In what type of health-related event did the alliance participate? *
Did your medical society participate with you? *
Please name any other relation organizations you worked with.
Did you distribute materials? *
How many adults were affected by the program/event?
How many children were affected by the program/event?
Please describe the project or event. *
Was any follow-up done, or is any follow-up planned, to measure change in awareness and/or behavior? *
If yes, please describe.
If you wish to be considered for another award category, please include additional award’s criteria information here.
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