We Are All One, 10–11 March, Izmir
A movement research and contact improvisation project within communities from 5 countries: Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary and Turkey. Join our 2-day-long workshop lead by Emilia Gündüz and Erdem Gündüz. It is free and for everybody. After the submitting we will send you more information.
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The workshop is for everybody but we encourage especially people from Czech, Hungarian, Slovak and Polish communities to join (and their friends). If you are just interested, no problem, we would love to meet you. Click as many boxes are you feel related to.
Do you have any previous dancing experience?
We all move. It doesn’t required any prior dance skills. But in order to meet your expectations we would like to know if you have any dancing experience.
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Can you bring some food?
Snacks, fruit, whatever you would like to share... Most of us bring some small portion of food and we would love to share it on the table and eat together during the launch break.
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We are looking forward to seeing you.
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