Jazz Band - Evaluation and Taste of East Cobb
Dear Jazz Band Parents,

Details have been finalized for the GMEA Jazz Evaluation on April 27th and are in the works for the Taste of East Cobb on May 5th! Here are the pertinent details:

Dodgen Ensemble Showcase Concert

When: Thursday, April 26th. Warm up starts at 6:30, concert at 7:00.
Where: Warm up in band room, concert in Dodgen Theater.
Dress: We will wear the official Dodgen Band uniform – solid black pants and socks, official band shirt, dark dress shoes.

GMEA Jazz Evaluation

When: The evaluation is on Friday April 27th. Students will gather in the band room at 11:00 and return around 2:00.

Where: The event is at Walton in the theater. Our performance time is 12:50 and parents are welcome to attend.

Dress: We will wear the official Dodgen Band uniform – solid black pants and socks, official band shirt, dark dress shoes.

Chaperones: We are in need of 4-5 chaperones. At least two will need to drive their own vehicle loaded with band instruments . If you are available that day, please indicate on the online form or fill out on the paper form.

Lunch: We will be gone during students’ regular lunch time. There are two options: 1) purchase a Chick-Fi-La sandwich at the event for $5.00 (drinks, chips and snacks are available also, for additional cost), or 2) bring a sack lunch from home. I will need to know who wants Chick-Fi-La ASAP so I can tell the organizers.

11:00 All students get equipment from band room and gather in the band room. Change clothes if necessary
11:15 Load instruments into chaperone vehicles, walk to Walton
11:35 Listen to Tapp MS jazz band perform
12:00 Assemble instruments, report to warm-up
12:50 Performance on stage
1:10 Put away instruments
1:15 Eat Lunch
1:45 Load instruments into chaperone vehicles
1:50 Walk back to Dodgen
2:00 Put away instruments, report to class.

Taste of East Cobb

When: Saturday, May 5th. The schedule is not yet finalized. The entire event runs from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They will most likely want us in the first half. Please indicate any conflicts ASAP!

Where: Taste of East Cobb is at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.

Dress: This is an outdoor festival, so the full band uniform is not necessary. Wear any Dodgen Band shirt (any of the T-shirts or the white polo shirt), and pants or shorts that are appropriate for the weather.

Thanks again for sharing your child, your time, and your efforts to create this positive musical outlet!

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