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Welcome to CONNECT 2018: The Rural Advantage! -- We are looking for sculptors who live in our region and would like to showcase their work, tell their story about why you landed and stayed here, and what it’s like being an artist living in a rural area! Applications are due by August 10th!

We have a large space to work with, so large installations are encouraged!

SPECS: Must be free standing
THEME: The Rural Advantage (You do not have to have your piece fit with the theme, but you do need to live in the Monadnock Region!)
SPECS: Sculpture / any size!
DATE OF SHOW: September 27th (Must be available for day before / day after set-up and break down)
LOCATION: Mabel Brown Room, Keene State
DETAILS: Gallery show, cocktail style, and a live band

DESCRIPTION: Nearly two million Americans are artists. New England alone has over one-hundred thousand artists. Three-hundred thousand people work in a creative job in New England. Contributing a total of $17 Billion a year to the New England creative economy - 23% of those people are self-employed entrepreneurs. Our region alone makes $18.6 million dollar economic impact on the economy. But where are all these artists? Here in the Monadnock Region artists are taking advantage of our rural offerings and the majority are showcasing and selling their work in metropolitan areas or online. Tonight, we bring those artists to the surface by showcasing a sculpture gallery featuring artists from the Monadnock Region, telling their stories about living here, and why they believe in the rural advantage.

The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship and The Keene Sentinel— thriving, independent, rural-based organizations — are partnering to present Radically Rural. The Radically Rural Summit builds upon the impressive success of their fall CONNECT Event, an annual gathering of over 400 engaged, locally-focused community members celebrating and fostering the advantages and opportunities of rural living.

Machina Arts will design, manage, and curate the CONNECT event for the 3rd year in a row.

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Tell us about you! We are interested to hear about how you arrived in our region, and what you think is your rural advantage! Why do you love living here? Where do you sell/show your work as a professional artist? Do you have a day job? What do you hope for the future? What keeps you motivated as an artist?... etc!
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This contract is between Machina Arts, Hannah Grimes, The Keene Sentinel and the individual or group agreeing to participate in the ‘CONNECT’ event on Sept.27th 2018. Agreeing shows that you understand that we do not cover your property, artwork, instruments, or otherwise under Machina Arts liability insurance. Therefore you hold personal responsibility if your personal property is anyway damaged, broken, or stolen during this event, and therefore agrees to hold full responsibility of their work or equipment. This includes but is not limited to, installation, de-installation, the piece while in our care, and the movement of the piece/equipment to and from the space, tabling, and any other activity you may participate during First Friday ArtHop. The individual or group also agrees Machina Arts, Hannah Grimes, The Keene Sentinel, and any partner organizations are allowed to use photographs or media of the work to promote online in places such as social media or their websites. By checking the box below you are agreeing to this contract.
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I understand that I am responsible for installing and deinstalling my piece. If I need additional staff help it is understood that this will be arranged ahead of the event (1 week advance noticed is preferred)
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