MWI Survey 2020: COVID edition

MetroWest Intergroup's #1 objective is to be useful to our membership. Our current strategic goals are:
1. Help members strengthen their personal recovery
2. Increase the number of sponsors
3. Increase the number of newcomers
4. Increase the retention of newcomers
5. Help those in relapse
6. Inspire people to give more service
7. Increase outreach and public information activities

As we prepare our 2021 plans, we want to know what you think we should do. Thank you for helping us by completing this survey!

Completing this survey will give us:
1) Information about the overall health of OA in the area;
2) Your ideas on what MWI can do to help you in your individual recovery;
2) Your ideas on what might help MWI carry the message to more people

This is an ANONYMOUS survey. The more people who participate, the greater the value of the information gained.

Every person's opinion counts, no matter how long you've been in OA!

A summary of results will be published in our email blast and on our website.
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