Ramen Series Submission Form
This form is designed to help us track new series users would like added, as well as help speed up the progress of adding in the new series.
Have you already checked the Ramen Public Database sheet to see if it's been added to our to-do list? You can find the list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vIdoH5VovEBoG9K9DXl_HSMb-P9PqCDnI5HtAO5Ar9k/edit?usp=sharing *
Is the series available on MAL (https://myanimelist.net/)? The way we structure the bot requires a page on this website in order to function properly. *
If you have the MAL link please paste it here, this will help us in adding the series quicker for you.
What is the title of the series you'd like added?
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