14. International KinoKabaret Berlin 2018


Details auf Deutsch: http://kinoberlino.tumblr.com/kinokabaret

Details in English: http://kinoberlino.tumblr.com/kinokabaret#english

Event dates: September 1 - 9. One day of barbecue in the middle.

Location (KinoLab, Sound Studio, Bar, Editing Area, Equipment Rental, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Bee Hive):

Jugendclub ELOK - Laskerstr. 6 - 8 in 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain), near S-Ostkreuz.

Cinema Moviemento, Kottbusser Damm 22, Berlin Kreuzberg: http://www.moviemento.de
Welcome Show: Thu. August 30 at 10 PM
Screening 1: Tue. September 4 at 10 PM
Screening 2: Sat. September 8 at 10 PM


Before you fill the form: Prepare a good printable high-res 300dpi headshot / portrait JPG picture of yourself (unless we have your picture from a previous edition) plus a filmography pdf! If you are a director or author, please prepare your screenplay / production plan as well. After filling the form, send these documents to: kinoberlino@gmail.com

What is a good kino movie? Here are some examples:
COMEDY (Graz) https://vimeo.com/138434974 - PROVERBIAL LUCK by Dave & Steffi
ANIMATION (Berlin): https://vimeo.com/channels/kinoberlino - BIRD RADIO by Hannerina
EXPERIMENT (Hamburg): https://vimeo.com/67630448 - KABARET FREEZE by Maxime
DRAMA (Berlin): https://vimeo.com/105995842 - GUILT by Gytis
POETRY (Innsbruck): https://vimeo.com/165762663 - REFUGEE POETRY by Dave
MUSIC VIDEO (Helsinki): https://vimeo.com/225832913 - ETERNEL ETE by Emma

HOW TO WRITE A DOABLE SCREENPLAY? https://filmfreeway.com/APEIRON-FILMS-Screenplay-Competition

Please read the description of this film workshop as well as the old rules and regulations:
RULES: http://serum-core.de/kinoberlino/RULES.pdf
GUIDE: http://serum-core.de/kinoberlino/GUIDE.pdf

Please INSURE your health and equipment properly in Germany!

KinoBerlino hosts the 14th International KinoKabaret in Berlin in 2018. We have become popular in the independent short film scene and thank all previous participants, team members and supporters for their work and energy.
Artists from over 20 countries produced more than 1200 short films at our events. Several kinoites qualified for elite film schools, created commercial production companies, improved their skills in acting, editing, filming, or composing, directing, distribution. KinoBerlino has seeded or inspired new kino cells in many European cities. Our films are broadcast and some have been selected for other international film festivals.
Both the cinemas Moviemento and the production venue (KinoLab at youth club ELOK) have a limited capacity. To respect this fact and the nerves of our organization team members, we will limit the number of participants to 130 this year by closing the application form when it is full.

Watch a collage of faces from 2012: http://dai.ly/x12sny0

Some additional guidelines:

1. We will limit the number of films per round to raising their quality. To avoid extremely long and tiring screenings, we decided that each director may create ONE film at our event plus one quickie. In the other round, that director should help new teams as editor, assistant, cinematographer etc. The maximum running time will be 7 minutes. This way we inspire collaboration and bigger teams, because the directors who are not busy assist other filmmakers and share their wisdom and skills. Friendships evolve through the spirit of collaboration. We believe that a director should learn to make one film that is important instead of several meaningless videos that nobody watches. Please care about your work and your audience!

2. Directors are advised to email us their film script or synopsis. Spontaneous movies (i.e. "quickies") are still possible, because they belong to the KinoKabaret philosophy. Yet we believe that a good director should know what she or he wants. So a plan (script or synopsis, shot list, storyboard, approximate cast and crew list, realistic locations and equipment plans, props and make-up ideas) is the minimum that we expect the directors to provide for their teams. Premeditation becomes bliss for your audience. There is no competition involved, nor do we give awards.

3. Nobody sleeps in the kinolab. Due to sanitary reasons and several cases of misconduct by over-zealous individuals in the last years, KinoBerlino decided to stop hosting participants at our event venue. There will be no sleeping room and no camping! We extended the productions rounds by one day so everyone has a chance to sleep at their Berlin accommodation (host, AirBNB, hotel, couchsurfing, etc.).

4. Berlin hosts pay less for participation. We reduce the event price for the hosts by 10 €. Berlin participants are highly advised to host foreign guests. The guests will behave decently. Kino is about SHARING space, time, talent, skills, and enthusiasm. So please show some solidarity, as you might need a returned favor soon!

5. Skill building workshops. KinoKabarets are filmmaking laboratories. So we will try to offer several workshops, depending on the availability of tutors. These lessons will focus on steadycam or drone work, basic video editing on Linux, introductions to animation with Blender, acting preparations and coaching, script doctoring, short fiction film creation and festival distribution.

6. Barbecue day in the middle. To regain energy, we have inserted a day for relaxation after round one. So the second production meeting will start in the evening of that day.

7. Great film equipment. Depending on the availability of new sponsors and municipal support, we endeavor to get high quality film cameras, DSLRs, lenses, lights, sound equipment, tripods and rigs. But you should bring all your own gear as well as well as computers and external hard drives.

8. Talent pool. There are always enough directors and actors at our events. To reach out, we encourage every filmmaker to invite gifted and mature camera operators, focus pullers, gaffers, editors, writers, make-up artists, designers, prop-makers, musicians, sound experts, assistant directors, production managers, and multi-talents. A contact list will be provided for all participants after the event, so you can continue to collaborate and grow artistically.


Kino encourages participants to learn about the craft of filmmaking by making films, unshackled by the burden of resources, time and money. Kino provides filmmakers of all skillset, background, ability and experience with a support network to write, shoot and edit their projects as well as an opportunity to show the work to a large audience. Founded in Montreal in 1999, the movement has spawned cells in cities around the globe. The week-long filmmaking experiment will pair veterans with newbie filmmakers, actors and crew members (absolute beginners to industry professionals). More experienced kinoïtes will mentor teams and infuse the workshop with their own unique perspectives, skills, vision, art, and culture. Participants will team up to write, shoot and edit short films during 4 days of each round, at the end of which the resulting work will be screened to a public cinema audience. The screenings might be followed by a party in honor of the participants and organizers. The films are broadcast & maybe uploaded.

Participants will meet and edit in the KINO LAB, situated at ELOK, Laskerstrasse 6 - 8, Berlin Friedrichshain, S Ostkreuz. The KINO LAB will be fitted with a little bit of filmmaking and sound recording equipment. Editors should bring their laptops. The KinoKabaret is a non-competitive, collaborative project: participants with experience will assist those who need it. Sharing equipment, lodging and skills is the backbone of this workshop. Please carefully read the GUIDE TO THE KINOKABARET (explanation, procedure, technical information) and the RULES (code of conduct, safety, insurance, broadcast agreement). With your registration and signature you accept them and promise not to question or discuss them. Please be punctual for the production meetings! Please label all your equipment with your name. There will be a lot of equipment all over the place!
What makes KinoKabarets special is its mix of participants: Amateurs mix with more experienced people, artists mix with technicians, locals mix with international participants, and people of all abilities learn from one another. The concept is successful and a lot of fun precisely because it is inclusive and non-judgmental.

The KinoKabaret is open to participants 18 years of age and over.
The participation fee is 40 EUROs in cash for one round and 70 EURO for the whole event (yes, a discount is granted if you stay the whole time and 10 € if you host foreign guests). Remember to bring enough additional funds for public transport tickets, food, emergencies, props, your production, the Berlin nightlife and culture scene.

The International KinoKabaret 2018 is kindly supported by: ELOK + MOVIEMENTO + APEIRON FILMS + ALEX TV + 25p *cine support + Rock'n Roll Rental + MG Rizzello's Music for Film and Media + LEMONAID + ChariTea + WWS Berlin + CPU NET + Video- und Filmverband Berlin / Brandenburg + Quartiermeister

By filling this form you consent in sharing the information with the KinoBerlino Organization team for internal purposes. We keep critical info confidential and abide by Data Protection Laws. During the event we create a casting and contact wall on paper with your portrait, name, email, avialability, city, talents, equipment, and phone number. After the event, we share a reduced pdf version with name, email, city, country, phone number, portfolio links, and talents among the participants for further networking, which they keep confidential.

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