Martin Luther VBQ
Watch the video clips below, listen actively, and answer the questions that follow. Probably the best way to do this is to read first question, start watching, pause once you encounter the information you need to respond to the question, then read next question before pressing play again.
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SPOILER ALERT! Want to know the main idea of this whole topic? Basically, this guy Martin Luther challenged the Church and ended up breaking away to start his own version of Christianity, but then that broke up into a bunch of other versions and pretty soon there were a lot of different types of Christianity in Europe. *
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Optional Video Clip: How Johann Tetzel convinces people to buy indulgences (from the movie LUTHER)
Optional Video Clip: Martin Luther nails the 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church (from the movie LUTHER)
Luther and the Protestant Reformation
Here's the link for the transcript if you need it:!
[0:30-1:00] Before the Reformation, pretty much all Christians in Western and Central Europe were which type of Christian? *
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[1:30 to 2:30] Considering all the things John mentioned, how important was the Church in the Middle Ages? *
Not important at all.
Very, very important indeed! #PopeIsBAE
[2:45-3:15] Martin Luther was originally a law student, but then he sort of got hit by lightning and then decided to become a *
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[3:00-3:30] How did Martin Luther feel about Rome when he visited the city? Give two examples of what he witnessed. *
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[3:30-4:30] According to Martin Luther's interpretation of the Bible (specifically the writings of Paul), what does a person need to achieve salvation (in other words, to be saved, to get into heaven)? *
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[4:30] What does "Sola Fide" mean? *
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PURGATORY means: a place the soul goes after death (according to Roman Catholic belief) where people who die with sins are made pure through suffering(sort of like a prison sentence) before being allowed into heaven *
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[4:15-5:00] At Luther's time, the Catholic Church sold certificates that you could buy that would grant you forgiveness of your sins and reduced time in Purgatory after you die. These pieces of paper were called... *
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[5:00-6:00] In response to his anger about indulgences, Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses (another word for arguments), criticizing the Church. He went pretty far with his arguments. Which did you think was the most controversial or extreme? *
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[6:30-7:00] What technological advancement allowed Martin Luther to spread his message in a way that could never have been done before by previous critics of the Church (many of whom were arrested or killed)? *
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[7:00-7:45] Luther also published his own translation of the Bible, and to make sure it could be read by lots and lots of people, he wrote it in... *
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[7:45-10:00] Once Luther started teaching that everyone could interpret the Bible for themselves, without permission from the Church, what started to happen? What problems arose? *
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[9:45-11:00] German peasants, angry with their landlords and the clergy, started a massive revolt. All of the following statements about the German Peasant Revolt are true EXCEPT... *
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[11:00-13:00] Do you think the Protestant Reformation was motivated more by religious motivations or political motivations? Support your view with two examples. *
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