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The weekly Prairie Math League (PML) round consists of six questions posed where students attempt as many questions as possible within a thirty-minute time frame. The students fill their solutions on the google form provided. The questions cover a range of math topics: Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics, and Geometry and vary in difficulty level. There are two different divisions provided, one for middle school (gr 8 or below) and another for high school (gr 9 or above).  When the student registers they will select the appropriate division.

My goal is to help students become more interested in math by problem solving and assist them in growing conceptually.  I have developed an automatic registration (no fee) and grading system for the PML. Once a student registers they will receive the questions every Saturday morning at 8:00 SK time in their registered email.  They can then work on the six questions at any convenient time during the weekend. On Monday night, they would receive their scores for the current contest and their running scores over time via their registered email.  I would also announce the perfect scorers in the group. When 20% or more students ask for a solution to a particular question, I prepare a video of a possible solution and then post it on YouTube within a week of the request.  After students work through many rounds of the PML, they generally make fewer mistakes. Below is the link for my YouTube channel:

Stephen Yang (Grade 10, WMCI)
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