Mentor Application for Rising Leaders
Thank you for your interest in mentoring with Rising Leaders, Inc. (a.k.a. "Rising Leaders" or “RLI”)!

Rising Leaders is a non-profit organization that provides low-income and underserved middle school students with high-quality mentorship and leadership development training. The organization pairs middle school students with young professionals (such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, and artists) for long-term mentorship and guidance through professional development workshops. The workshops happen one Saturday morning every month and are held on-site at a partner school location. Each mentor will work with his or her student(s) for the duration of the 2 year program and -- hopefully -- act as a lifelong resource for them.

If you are interested in and committed to supporting the youth in your city, please fill out and submit this application.
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Rising Leaders plans to operate in three regions of the country beginning this fall. For which region are you applying? *
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Mentoring with Rising Leaders will likely require you to attend one workshop per month on a Saturday from 10:00AM TO 1:00PM. Consistent attendance of the mentors is very important for our program, and research indicates that inconsistent mentorship can be harmful for students. How confident are you that you can attend these workshops once a month for the duration of the 2 year program? Please note, there are no workshops over the summers and you will receive all workshop dates in advance. *
Mentorship is a time commitment so we want to ensure this experience is worth your while. Thinking about your past volunteer involvements, which factors made your experiences great? In other words, please tell us a few things we should prioritize to make sure you have a fantastic volunteer experience. *
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Our mentors are often the bright minds behind the Rising Leaders workshops. Last year, we held workshops on career development, public speaking, and community engagement, just to name a few. Briefly describe a workshop idea you would like to see implemented for Rising Leaders students. *
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Please list any relevant experiences you have with mentorship or youth development.
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Please list all languages which you can speak with conversational fluency.
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In addition to mentors, Rising Leaders is looking for individuals interested in becoming Program Directors. This is an exciting role that allows you to help plan, lead, and present Rising Leaders workshops. Are you interested in being considered for this role?
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