The Fieldwork
The rural project is a workspace and farm that reconnects people to the land to learn, create and grow.
To help us, we want to understand how and where you currently work, your needs and what ideas you have that could help us all reimagine our working day. 
Where do you work now? (if it is a mix, please check more than one box)
What do you look for in a workspace?
How do you travel to your work?
How long is your commute each way?
How much do you spend on your office / studio / workspace or desk per month?
Would a membership scheme be attractive? (hours with added benefits, discount on room hire)
£5 (newsletter, event listing, project support, workshops)
30 hours
50 hours
100 hours
How much do you expect to hire an event space for per hour?
If you had the choice to work in a workspace in a rural setting, would you?
What factor would make you change your location?
How often would you use it?
Finally, if you were offered a rural workspace, what would you want from it?
Your answer
How do you think your work / business / self would benefit from being there?
Your answer
I really appreciate your time put in to making sure this rural project is useful, accessible and spectacular. Thank you.
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