"External investigators" refers to

investigators WITHOUT active grant funding of aims that use NHS, NHS2, HPFS, GUTS, NHS3


investigators who are NOT collaborating with any internal investigators with such active grant funding.

All requests must be submitted using this google form. To help with preparing for submitting this form,  please go to the link below to download a Microsoft Word version of the form:

NHS, NHS2, NHS3, GUTS data users:   For answers to frequently asked questions about external collaboration requests, please click here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GMZfzwBu_wTo_is-Mpsp0PK-fQuBADCtb-G94biE_rI/edit?usp=sharing

HPFS data users: For questions, please contact Dr. Lorelei Mucci (lmucci@hsph.harvard.edu)
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For projects that include Nurses Health Study (NHS), NHS2, NHS3 and Growing Up Today Study (GUTS):     Please appreciate that we ask all investigators using cohort data to cover basic computing and project proposal processing costs (first year of your project: minimal cost of ****$3200**** for non-trainee investigators and ****$2900**** for students / trainees; the actual costs for each project will depend on the scope of the project).   For projects that include HPFS, there may or may not be an cohort contribution charge (this will depend on the proposed work).
In addition, for collaborations that propose the use of cohort biospecimens, there are fees for accessing biospecimens that are separate from assay costs.
External collaborators will be provided a login and password to get access to the data, our computing system and detailed documentation and training materials for where to find data, what analytic tools are available and examples of analyses.
Please note that datasets are not routinely sent to external collaborators (except for funded large consortial projects).
For any questions about external collaboration, please consult our FAQ page.                  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GMZfzwBu_wTo_is-Mpsp0PK-fQuBADCtb-G94biE_rI/edit?usp=sharing                                                                          Thank you!
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The questionnaires for NHS1 and NHS2 can be found on the webpage: http://nurseshealthstudy.org/participants/questionnaires       

Here is a google sheet with the list of NHS1 questions:

Here is a google sheet with the list of NHS2 questions:

To search a codebook of NHS/NHS2 study variables:
The questions asked in NHS3 can be found in the link:                                                                       https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lxR5i-W_mfLzIgzhyyY_EQrBoq-sWRXC/view?usp=sharing                                                           
The questionnaires for GUTS (Growing Up Today Study) can be found on the webpage:                           http://nhs2survey.org/gutswordpress/index.php/previous-questionnaires/
The questionnaires for HPFS can be found on the webpage:                           https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VdiqyyfZV5ygNtZAK4ISZizfTugrV1JJjR9mGKqnPwo/edit?usp=sharing
What type of data do you require for your project?
Please NOTE: Existing biomarker data is available in only 1-5% of study participants depending on the biomarker; thus, low statistical power may be an important issue.
If you answered that you need access to biospecimens in the previous question, please indicate what type of biospecimens you need. (Please check all that apply).
Study Population(s) *
Please check all that apply. PLEASE NOTE: Unlike NHS1 and NHS2, in GUTS and NHS3, diseases are NOT confirmed, so the data from these cohorts are usually not suitable for disease/mortality analyses. Please check GUTS or NHS3 only if you are sure that these cohorts have collected the data needed for your proposed work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
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(e.g., international genetic consortia)
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