The Online Adventures of Mousy and Mickey
This is a Choose Your Own Adventure story. You choose how you want Mousy and Mickey to respond to the following scenarios.
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Mousy and Mickey's story begins!
This is the story of Mousy, a naive, brand new computer mouse that was looking forward to a life of clicking and surfing. Mousy was ready to get the left and right sides of his body massaged by an experienced computer user. The anticipation of surfing the web was almost too much for Mousy to handle. Finally, after months of waiting inside a stuffy computer box, Mousy’s first day on the job was here! After being plugged into the USB port on a new computer, Mousy was out and about on the World Wide Web! Like Mousy, his owner, Mickey, was also new and inexperienced in the world of computers. Using Mousy to scroll to new web pages, Mickey clicked on a pop-up in his web browser. The pop up asked Mickey to enter his username and password, as well as his credit card number, to win a trip to Silicon Valley, California to visit Google, Apple and Facebook headquarters.
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